Business strategy optimization

We deeply analyze your business strategy and create a roadmap for your success, from SWOT analysis to Porter 5 forces we analyze the competition and provide a competitive analysis. This will enable you to understand what are your sources of competitive advantage and if you need to invest in product differentiation or a cost reduction strategy.

Marketing consulting services

We create a marketing plan by analyzing, customers, competition, context, company skills and collaborators. We then go into the marketing mix and together with quantitative market research, we make a recommendation on which products to launch and to further promote together with a comprehensive digital marketing plan, including social media and website analytics.

Corporate finance services

Cash is king, so we do an analysis of the cash flows in particular looking at working capital requirements, how to improve cash flow from operations and which projects have an ROI greater than the cost of capital to create value. We also look at valuation services and various financing options. We can employ hedging techniques to block price fluctuations of materials and decide on optimal debt to equity ratios.

Consulting services

In essence, we offer services that enable you to grow and manage your business successfully, to position yourself as a professional player and to increase sales and profits.

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