Project at Google

We were retained by Google for a project called “close the loop” where we addressed customer satisfaction and metrics on how to improve it. Some of the accomplishment we had were:

  • Improved weekly reporting on results of consumer feedback campaigns both for email and suggestions
  • Participated in launch of 1 to 1 support, coordinating with call center and testing on resolution of errors for Gmail, Maps, and Chrome
  • Created forecasting of impression rate until the end of the quarter for suggestions
  • Created executive summary, providing recommendation and insights on how to increase the response rate and the number of surveys, analyzed situation
  • Reported quarterly email campaigns looking at ways to reduce the DSAT and classifying feedback in tags
  • Set up meetings with product support managers to understand pipeline for Q3 and the use of email templates

Project at Virgin America

Retained by Virgin America to improve their loyalty management operations and processes

  • Reporting monthly on loyalty programs for airlines, frequent flyer program and commercial agreements
  • Utilized pivot tables to summarize performance on accrued miles and redemption of miles between airline partners and collaborators
  • Prepared monthly summary and YTD, coordinated with finance and accounting on billing files regarding accrued revenues
  • Analyzed marketing programs of match status where the status of a competitor’s program is matched to the frequent flyer program
  • Analyzed sign up programs for loyalty program targeted to employees of major corporations